Hala Publishing 

Hala Omar


The history of ‘Hala Publishing House’ summarizes the strife of an Egyptian young woman through the unpaved paths of the world of the publishing business in the Arab and Egyptian context. Read More Not typically inherited, neither as a business or a profession, Hala started from scratch and developed gradually to establish its growing strong existence in a highly competitive world with the most attainable integrity and ethical values that should lead the steps of those with a passion to carry on a message rather than to gather easy profits.

Hala Omar
Owner & CEO Dar Hala for Publishing & Distribution Industry & Technology Hala publishing house was started in 1985 through the self efforts of its owner. Who, due to the limited resources in the beginning, could only work on distributing and marketing the publicationds of others in Egypt and the Arab World. The year 1996 was to witness the second birth of Hala, when it introduced itself a new to the business of publishing with the first piece of production carrying its name and logo. Ever since, Hala has supplied the Arab and Egyptian libraries yet to come as the dream of a great publishing house fills the horizons laying ahead.